Radio Resume: 1979 - 1995

WAYS-WROQ - Charlotte, NC: My first job in the industry. Started as a Weekender/overnights. Wrote sketches and did voices for “Murphy-in-the-Morning. Became 10p-2a jock on the AOR FM. Productional duties, promotional appearances. Promoted to 6p-10p after 8 months. While working in Charlotte, I co-produced and hosted a local “Video Rock” TV show. Wrote and produced TV spots for both stations.

WBJW-FM - Orlando, FL: My first morning job ! I replaced a talent who had been number one in the market for 8 years. During my time there, the ratings increased from 8.0 to a little over 12.0 - increasing the stations lead significantly in the morning ratings.

WZNE/WKRL - Tampa Bay, FL: I took the job while the format was CHR. My first major market experience doing AM drive. The Q105 Zoo was still dominant, yet, mornings showed some positive gains during my tenure. While in Florida, I also acted as Sports Ddirector and did news reporting particularly during hurricane Elena and immediately following the space shuttle Challenger disaster.

KNAC-FM - Long Beach/Los Angeles: The only station of its kind in the country. I wanted “cutting edge” radio and I got it ! Enebled me to realize one of my biggest dreams: LA morning radio. Sketch-writing, producing and performing, interviewing, personal appearances all became aprt of doing my morning show as “Thrasher”. While at KNAC I recieved a production award from the Southern California Broadcasters Association and raised over 2 tons of canned goods during a 24-hour “Food-A-Thon” for the L.A.Mission.

KLOS-FM - Los Angeles: I was hired as production director and as “Engineer Ted” for the Mark and Brian morning show. It was their heyday. I became part of their show while doing my own airshift on the weekends. I left to take the morning job at Pirate Radio.

KQLZ-FM - Los Angeles: The infamous Pirate Radio, or as it is known on the west coast “Shannon’s Folly”. I was fired after about 8 months, the rest of the staff was fired in the following months. As it turned out, I was to miss the next year of work due to serious illness.

KNAC-FM - Long Beach/Los Angeles: Second time around. Upon my return I found that my best Arbitron book of 1.5 had dwindled down to a .3 ! I managed to pull it back up to a .8 before it was sold and closed in Feb 1995.

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